A calculation method of thermal deformation for double helical gear

Cheng Wang
2019 Mechanics & Industry  
Thermal deformation caused by gear transmission is an important factor causing gear impact, vibration and partial load. Gear modification can effectively improve the effects caused by thermal deformation. The calculation of thermal deformation is the first problem to be solved before gear modification. This paper takes double helical gear as the research object and a calculation method of thermal deformation is proposed. Firstly, temperature of instantaneous meshing points on the tooth surface
more » ... the tooth surface are measured and these discrete temperature values are fitted by the linear interpolation. Calculation formula of temperature distribution along gear radial direction is introduced. Combining both, tooth surface temperature field is obtained. Secondly, equation of tooth surface for double helical gear before and after thermal deformation is derived according to the tooth surface temperature field. Finally, an example is given. Compared with the given modification of thermal deformation, the calculated thermal deformation is almost equal to theoretical value. On this basis, the thermal deformation of double helical gear considering the installation error and machining error is calculated, which provides a theoretical basis for thermal deformation modification of double helical gear.
doi:10.1051/meca/2019045 fatcat:tdjk2vs4xzgntarbs56zmpuqyi