Design and Test of the Semi-Automatic Test-Bed with Inclined Belt of Garlic Transplanting Machine

Zhaolei Zhang, Aijun Geng, Jianning Yang, Ruxin Li, Jialin Hou
2015 American Journal of Plant Sciences  
In order to verify the feasibility of semi-automatic garlic planter with inclined belt program and determine its reasonable operating parameters, the semi-automatic test-bed with inclined belt of garlic transplanting machine was designed, and the garlic box experiments were conducted. The angle of inclined belt on the test-bed and its running speed were adjustable. Single factor test results showed that the program of the semi-automatic garlic planter with inclined belt was feasible, and the
more » ... easible, and the angle of inclined belt and the test bed running speed affected the indicators. Orthogonal experiment results showed that the angle of inclined belt was the main factor affecting the test indicators. It is also found that the best angle was 30 degrees, while the most reasonable running speed was 0.75 Km/h.
doi:10.4236/ajps.2015.619322 fatcat:37uspntqqfd2peo6u2iucb72fm