Reviews and Notices of Books

1920 The Lancet  
IN 1913 Dr. F. M. Allen published a review of the literature of glycosuria and diabetes, with an account of numerous animal experiments he had made, and two years later he outlined a plan of treatment by prolonged fasting based upon his laboratory work. Since then he has had the opportunity of putting his methods to the test of clinical experience at the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute, and, in conjunction with Dr. Stillman and Dr. Fitz, he has now published the results of his
more » ... of his observations. At the outset it is emphasised that, although a basic plan of treatment is essential, every case of diabetes must be managed according to its own requirements, and that the best results are obtainable only when the treatment is intelligently individualised. The system followed at the Rockefeller Hospital is based on the principle that diabetes is a disorder of the total metabolism, not of carbo-
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