Cost analysis: metronidazole-amikacin vs. preoperative monodose of ceftriaxone in appendicitis. Preliminary report
Análisis de costos: metronidazol-amikacina versus monodosis preoperatoria de ceftriaxona en apendicitis. Reporte preliminar

Carlos Baeza-Herrera, Gregorio Jaimes, Eduardo Rico-Mejía, Héctor Sanjuan-Fabián
Cirugía y Cirujanos  
Postoperative management of acute appendicitis in our country has been supported by results from studies overseas. Ampicillin, clindamycin and gentamicin is the classic association of antimicrobial drugs. However, it is expensive, unnecessary and risky. We believe that a single dose can be useful. We studied two groups comprised of 82 patients each in whom an appendectomy was performed. In group A an intravenous (i.v.) dose of ceftriaxone was given 30-240 minutes before skin incision. Group B
more » ... incision. Group B or control group was comprised by the same number of patients previously operated and managed under traditional method (amikacin-metronidazole). In group A, three wound infections and an intraperitoneal abscess were identified, while in group B only one wound infection was seen. Average cost for patients in group A was 2,108.91 pesos (approx. 200 US dollars). In group B, the average cost was 9,407.48 pesos (approx. 900 US dollars). One dose of preoperative ceftriaxone proved to be most financially economical.
pmid:15469745 fatcat:2nx7kyvrbjcezh2tmkef4bjfdm