International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach and Studies Women Empowerment and Skill Development in India

Ruma Sarkar
Though Women are the most vital part of the progress of any society but after sixty nine years of the independence, Indian women are still struggling against social evils in the male dominating society. According to the report of census-2011, it is revealed that population ratio in India is 943 females per 1000 of males. This ratio states that women are not ignorable part in India. Traditionally, Indian women have been playing the role of second class citizen in every stages of society. But the
more » ... of society. But the real fact that women are inseparable part of any society. Without the women empowerment through capacity building, a country's progress will be stop. Capacity building means development of knowledge, skill or other capabilities. It is conceptual approach to social or personal development. The capacity building which encompasses the country's human, scientific, technological, organizational, institutional and resource capacity; can't reach it's goal without the women, who deliver multiple role effortlessly every single day. And by empowering women we can also attain the aim of skill development which enriches the performance of the women working as well as improves the quality of work. According to Census report (2011), percentage of total workers in India is 39.1 and male percentage is 51.7 whereas female percentage is 25.6. By realizing these importance Govt. of India also emphasis upon the women empowerment and skill development in the 12 th five years plan. By inspiring this Govt.'s step relating women empowerment, Researchers have reviewed more reliable relevant literature and have selected their objectives to identify percentage of the gender inequality and the ration of skill development of Indian women. Document analysis methodology has used for this study. This study will be helpful for analyzing and evaluating the percentage of the gender inequality and the ration of skill development of Indian women.