Present status survey of engineering libraries in Sri

C Balla
The data collected from 29 librarians of engineering college libraries in S.V. University area, Andhra Pradesh, India indicate that all the engineering college libraries work from 9-11 h a day during working days. Most of the librarians (75.9%) possess M.L.I.Sc degree along with postgraduate degree in arts, science or commerce. A high percentage of them (41.4%) get UGC Pay Scales. Most of the libraries (86.2%) follow open access system. Majority of the libraries acquire books from local
more » ... from local distributors/agents (55.2%) and procure periodicals directly from publishers (89.7%). Most of the libraries (93.1%) classify books using Dewey Decimal Classification. Most of them (96.6%) catalogue books using either AACR-2 or one of the catalogue modules of various software packages. All the libraries offer circulation, reference and reprographic services. Majority of the libraries offer Internet facility (86.2%), referral service (75.9%) and newspaper clipping service (68.9%). A few of them offer document reservation facility (41.4%), and abstracting and indexing service (34.5%). A majority of engineering college libraries (79.3%) have no separate buildings. All libraries have display racks, water cooler, reprographic equipment, and computers. A majority of them have catalogue cabinets (75.9%) and microfilm readers cum printers (68.9%). A few recommendations are made based on the findings of the study.