W. C. W.
1881 Science  
SCIENCE. the marsupials. Dr. A. F. A. King read a paper on Septennial Periodicity. drawing attention to the phenomena of menstruation, cestration in animals, gestation, contagions, epidemics and climax of fevers. He was partially supported by 'Mr. Goode. who said that since the lunar month of four wveeks had such an important bearing upon tides, etc., there is no absurdity in supposing that the same cause may have been at work througti myriaids of years to bring about periodicity as in(licated
more » ... city as in(licated in the paper. Professor Riley, Mr. XVard, the Presi(lent, Dr. Prentiss, an(d others, took the ol)posite si(le of the questioni. TimE ANTHROPO)LOGICAL So(ci1 E.-r.-Major J. W.
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