The Analysis of a Neighborhood Center in the Urban Low-rise Residential Areas
도시 저층주거지의 생활권 중심 분석

Mee-Kyung Ku, Woo-Hyun Yang
2016 Journal of the Korean housing association  
As a lifeway and social change, the neighborhood build up around elementary school based on Perry's Neighbourhood Unit becomes change. Elementary School does not function as a center of residents' activity or community any longer. Activities occurred near the school move to the community streets that many facilities are distributed to, while utilization of facilities near schools becomes lower. On the bases of the current states, this study aims to draw a practical neighborhood center of
more » ... od center of residential areas by case study. The research is being mainly about low-rise residential areas in Seoul which includes one elementary school at least. In order to deduct the center of neighborhood, the survey takes two steps. At the preliminary survey, conduct the observation and do an interview to investigate awareness and actual status. Also to analyze practical center, do a main survey about land value, pedestrian volume, distribution of public transit and facility density. The research result shows that there is another activated center street not nearby elementary school in every case. This study assumes that the neighborhood center is not limited around elementary school and could variously build up by circumstances. It has significance that we present a question about the traditional theory and also could be references of the future city maintenance in the long term.
doi:10.6107/jkha.2016.27.6.019 fatcat:us2zaedrarfqlkk7pxulkiyfq4