Groundwater Eco-Distribution System for the Combination of SAT and Therapy-Electrolysis Methods

Sabariah Musa, Rafidah Hamdan, Noor Aliza Ahmad, Muhammad Mujiduddin Ibrahim, Fatinah Denan, Nor Azliana Ariff
2015 Applied Mechanics and Materials  
Abstract. Groundwater quality is generally affected by the soil type and being polluted naturally due to the soil properties itself. This paper aims to examine the effectiveness of reducing the contamination of groundwater by a simple treatment using duo soil aquifer treatment (SAT) and therapy-electrolysis processes. The SAT was applied using physical recharge well system (REWES) in deep clay medium. The filtration in the well was also properly designed to purify the abstraction and treat
more » ... tion and treat discharges. Other contaminations such as fluoride, nitrate, chloride and turbidity in the groundwater were treated by therapy-electrolysis techniques. This treatment method reduces more than 64% of contaminations contain without affecting its mineralogy. Therefore, these duo treatments have the best combination of methods to reduce the unneeded contaminations without affecting the groundwater purity. A groundwater eco-distribution system is useful to be implemented in terms of economic process and is ecological friendly for water distribution facilities.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:j75pvhsgxvdudduqkrmczgytcq