Through Thickness Residual Stress and Microstructural Mapping of AA7085-T7452 Die Forging

2016 Residual Stresses 2016   unpublished
Significant weight savings and reductions in manufacturing costs have motivated the drive towards the use of unitised structures such as large die forgings in modern aircraft. However, detrimental bulk tensile residual stresses, present in these thick forgings can impact the durability and structural integrity of the primary aerospace structure. Residual stresses can lead to distortion during component machining, and part rejection. In addition, failure to account for the residual stress
more » ... in the fatigue crack growth characteristics of the component in design and in performance could impact the structural integrity. Therefore, there is a need to measure and analyse the residual stresses present in the forged components, and examine the residual stress-microstructure, including grain structure/flow relationship for the forging, if such a relationship could be developed. The preliminary results of this experimental program have shown a link between the measured residual stress and hardness, along with changes in the grain structures through the thickness.
doi:10.21741/9781945291173-22 fatcat:axeheuer7vgl7ew2jgue37w6qe