Sensitivity of the physical database design to changes in underlying factors

Prashant Palvia
1988 Information & Management  
Several articles have reported on the optimization of the complete physical database design or significant parts of it. However, few results are available on the sensitivity of the physical database design to change in underlying factors that influence the design decisions. Such tenths would be of significant practical value in both the design of the initial physical database and its subsequent restructuring. This paper considers underlying factors related to logical data structure, queries,
more » ... puter system and physical implementation. An experimental design based on these factors is developed and experiments are conducted to determine the sensitivity effects, and these are reported and discussed. Article: Introduction Sensitivity analysis refers to change in outputs or the final optimal solution due to changes in inputs. It has been applied in many complex settings in different business areas, e.g., in accounting [13], financial management and capital budgeting [12, 21] , and manufacturing [20) . Currently, many computerized tools, such as IFPS [14] and LOTUS [17] , facilitate the process of conducting this kind of "what-if" analysis. In addition, operations research has produced formal methods for conducting sensitivity analysis in special cases (e.g., linear programming problems occurring in manufacturing, resource allocation, and scheduling and in inventory management problems [10]). Here we consider the sensitivity of the physical database design to underlying variables. Results were obtained by conducting controlled experiments in a laboratory setting.
doi:10.1016/0378-7206(88)90070-5 fatcat:4unhhykqdfb7zpv6jbr5cdzbxi