How to Build a (Quite General) Linguistic Diagram Editor [chapter]

Jo Calder
2002 Diagrammatic Representation and Reasoning  
We propose a design for an editor, Thistle, which allows the construction and manipulation of a wide variety of linguistic (and other) diagrams and a general method for attaching semantics to such diagrams. This design represents a generalization of all systems proposed in the computational linguistic literature of which we are aware. We discuss theoretical and practical problems which have hindered the development of such systems to date and then indicate how our approach deals with those
more » ... ems. We offer an illustrative range of applications for this design. The current implementation permits instances of the editor for linguistic theories such as HPSG, varieties of CCG, DRT, and various kinds of tree diagram. The display engine may be used to deliver diagrams via the World Wide Web..An appendix gives an almost complete specification for a significant class of diagrams. All of the classes of diagram described or mentioned here are available as on-line demonstrations via:
doi:10.1007/978-1-4471-0109-3_28 fatcat:jwuzyiczvzcwlb5mpeen66fof4