Early season cladoceran diversity : of atlantic temporary ponds (turloughs)

Julian Reynolds, Áine O Connor, Mark Murphy
7ur/ougbs are Temporary ponds /y/'ng on karsf/'c //'mesfone /'n wesfern /re/and. They ft'// and empfy w/'fb groundwater assoc/'a-Ted w/'fb underground dra/'nage sysTems, governed by /oca/ c//'maT/c evenTs. 7he/'r b/'oTa sbows adapTaT/'ons sucb as sborT //'fe span, parthenogenesis and resT/'ng sTages, buT as predaT/'on is m/'/d Tbey are a/so refug/a for some arcT/'c or a/p/ne brancb/'opod crusTaceans. 1 /1/e exam/'ned ear/y season samp/es of c/adocerans from 28 Tur/ougbs /n four counf/'es of
more » ... ern /re/and. Here we sbow TbaT spr/'ng samp/es showed /ow d/'vers/'fy suggesf/ng ear/y pbase co/on/zaf/'on. Chydorus sphaericus was a/mosf ub/'gu/'fous /'n spr/'ng samp/es, wh/'/e Dapbn/'/'dae p/ayed an /'mporTanf part. 7 "be arct/'c re//'cf spec/'es Eurycercus glacialis occurred /'n about 30% of study s/'fes. Keywords: 7ur/ougbs, temporary ponds, karsf, Chydorus, Eurycercus, Daphnia, b/'od/Vers/'fy co/on/zaf/'on Résumé Diversité printanière des Cladocères dans des mares temporaires atlantiques (turloughs) Tes Tur/ougbs sonT des mares Tempora
doi:10.5169/seals-738440 fatcat:mo55lxbxqreypoe2yuy6omgxiy