Heterosynaptic cross-talk of pre- and postsynaptic strengths along segments of dendrites [article]

Rudi Tong, Nigel J Emptage, Yukiko Goda
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
Dendrites are crucial for integrating incoming synaptic information. Individual dendritic branches are thought to constitute a signal processing unit, yet how neighbouring synapses shape the boundaries of functional dendritic units are not well understood. Here we addressed the cellular basis underlying the organization of the strengths of neighbouring Schaffer collateral-CA1 synapses by optical quantal analysis and spine size measurements. Inducing potentiation at clusters of spines produced
more » ... f spines produced NMDA receptor-dependent heterosynaptic plasticity. The direction of postsynaptic strength change showed distance-dependency to the stimulated synapses where proximal synapses predominantly depressed whereas distal synapses potentiated; potentiation and depression were regulated by CaMKII and calcineurin, respectively. By contrast, heterosynaptic presynaptic plasticity was confined to weakening of presynaptic strength of nearby synapses, which required CaMKII and the retrograde messenger nitric oxide. Our findings highlight the parallel engagement of multiple signalling pathways, each with characteristic spatial dynamics in shaping the local pattern of synaptic strengths.
doi:10.1101/2020.05.05.078543 fatcat:brcskdeklza7zhkviztjiqkafe