Film Formation and Anticorrosive Behavior of Zn-ZSM-5 Nano-Sized Zeolite Composite Coatings

Hamid Reza Safaei
2012 The Open Electrochemistry Journal  
The zinc-Zeolite Socony Mobil-Five nano-particles (Zn-ZSM-5 NPs) composite was prepared and applied successfully as a new coating material to improve the corrosion resistance of steel. The corrosion type and quality of both pure zinc and our new coating material, Zn-ZSM-5 NPs, were studied using mass loss, impedance and electro-chemical polarization techniques in a sodium chloride solution. Obtained results affirm that Zn-ZSM-5 NPs are non-permeable and their corrosion resistance is higher than
more » ... ance is higher than the pure zinc. The surface morphology of our newly synthesized coating material, Zn-ZSM-5 NPs, was investigated using SEM and X-ray diffraction and the smaller grain size was observed in comparison with the pure zinc coating.
doi:10.2174/1876505x01204010001 fatcat:7ipwgzvp3jd63i7zw4rvyqgwvi