Fast luminosity measurement and beam parameter determination

C. Grah, A. Sapronov
The creation of beamstrahlung at the interaction region will be a new phenomenon at the International Linear Collider. The energy depositions from beamstrahlung and incoherent pairs can be analyzed by suitable detectors to obtain information about the beam parameters. The analysis of the energy deposition on a calorimeter near the beam pipe allows to reconstruct the parameters of the particle bunches and to measure the luminosity bunch by bunch. The necessary systems have been optimized and
more » ... gns for different beam crossing angles of the ILC have been developed. First results from a full Geant4 simulation are shown. GamCal, a new system for measuring the energy of beamstrahlung photons, is able to provide additional, beneficial information about the collision.
doi:10.3204/phppubdb-5824 fatcat:kdqazp3e2rbqhf6meniu25pr7a