Thermal expansion of binary alkali silicate glasses

Herman F. Shermer
1956 Journal of research of the National Bureau of Standards  
The thermal expansions of a number of binary lithium, sodium, and potassium silicate glasses are reported over the temperature range from room temperature to their deformation points. The expansivities of the glasses increased with increasing alkali oxide concentration. These expansivities were used to calculate density values, which were correlated with density measurements in the liquid range. At room temperature the density of each series increased with increasing alkali oxide concentration.
more » ... With increasing temperature, the densitytemperature curves for each binary series crossed each other and the density-concentration order was reversed. This reversal occurred in the lowest temperature range for the lithium silicates, in an intermediate temperature range for the potassium silicates, and in the highest temperature range for the sodium silicates.
doi:10.6028/jres.057.012 fatcat:5uhnvzzzsbg6vdszooodlfoq4q