Study on a Transducer for Measurement of Pressure Distribution in the Foot

Hideji Matsui, Tamotsu Hoshikawa
1968 Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education Health and Sport Sciences)  
Most of human activities are based on the moveme ロ t of both legs . Therefore , in orde τ to analyze the mechanics of human activities , it iS essential to record the fo: exerted by foot on the ground ・ F。 , th ・ p叫 )・se ・ f thi・ ・e 。・rdin9 , a n ・w ・ PPar ・鵬 was d・v 圃 ・Th ・ n ・w 胆 ... di・ g elernent is the PIESO resiStance effect of the se 皿 玉 ・ oo ロductive crystallold ・The effect iS that whell all extemal force is applied to a crystalloid , iゼs pOtential resiotanoe iS changed in accordance
more » ... h the magnitude of the force and is retumed to the normal level when the extemal force is removed . This element is attached to a supporting stainless steel frame ( 10 x 15 x 5mm ) . Those frames are 正 ixed in the parts of toe 觚 d heel of shoe . Fro 皿 them electrioal changes are led to an oscilograph through a Wheaston ' s blidge . In the various activities such as walki , ru 皿 ing, jumping and side stepPi , the force exerted by foot could be presicely recorded usi this apparatus . This new devi wi11 be applicable in the wide range of kinesiological studies
doi:10.5432/jjpehss.kj00003395823 fatcat:vtvgqra5yjfm3pvqk4qxtmcv7e