Segmental repetition of neuronal phenotype sets in the chick embryo hindbrain

J D Clarke, A Lumsden
1993 Development  
The neurons within the segmented hindbrain of the early chick embryo have been mapped with the neuronal tracers HRP and fluorescent lysinated dextran. We have categorised neurons according to their axonal pathways and have then compared rhombomeres with respect to the number and class of neurons present. The results indicate that most rhombomeres are similar in that they contain the same set of basic neuronal types but differ in that particular neuronal types are more abundant in some
more » ... t in some rhombomeres than others. The data support the concept that the hindbrain develops according to 'variations on a segmental theme' rather than 'each segment is unique'. Many of the cell types occupy distinct mediolateral domains that are probably established by both the differential migration of some neuronal classes and the spatial segregation of distinct precursors. The caudal rhombomeres 7 and 8 are exceptional in that they do not have the full set of basic neuronal types and also contain two additional medial cell types that are not present rostrally. The mechanisms that may generate the regional diversity apparent in the more mature hindbrain are discussed.
pmid:8375332 fatcat:jawn2gjhrnfopac3tp5x4kkb2e