Quality of transmission for wifi cameras Netatmo NSC01-EU, D-Link DCS-5222L and Edimax IC-7113W

Jan Hart, Veronika Hartova
2017 unpublished
At present, we cannot do without wireless technologies . Whether they are mobile phones, WiFi networks, Bluetooth and, for example, as well as various RC models, their transmissions are ubiquitous. It takes slightly exaggeratedly, thus to define the modern era and civilization as such. One of the most commonly used bands are ISM bands. ISM bands (industrial, scientific and medical) are frequently used in many different industrial transmissions. Officially, these bands should be used exclusively
more » ... for industrial, medical or scientific purposes. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) established the band ISM as unlicensed bands, and given that they are without royalties, so they can be widely used for commercial purposes. This article deals with the measurement of quality of wireless transmission of WiFi cameras and electromagnetic interference on the 2.4GHz ISM band. For this measurement the Spectrum Analyzer SPECTRAN HF-6060 and WiFi cameras D-Link DCS-5222L, Netatmo NSC01-EU and Edimax IC-7113W were used. At the defined elements wireless transmission was always measured and so that the unit is located within 3 m from the antenna of the spectrum analyzer SPECTRAN HF-6060; using software MSC Spectrum Analyzer wireless transmission was evaluated. Measurements defined the quality of the wireless communications and pointed to weaknesses in wireless communications of individual types of WiFi cameras. It also pointed to the risk of natural and artificial electromagnetic radiation at 2.4 GHz ISM bands.
doi:10.22616/erdev2017.16.n215 fatcat:ndh3ekkxbvewzjhthkqwdblnnm