An Improved Design of L-probe Feeding Microstrip Antenna Array for 4G Applications

He Wang, Hu Yang, Lei Gu, Fei Zhao, Wenlu Yi
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 Joint International Mechanical, Electronic and Information Technology Conference   unpublished
To meet the high requirements of 4G mobile communication systems, such as broadband, wide beamwidth and high gain, an improved microstrip antenna array fed by L-probe is proposed. Generally, most of the 4G antenna array elements have wide band and a gain of 3-5dBi. But the beamwidth in the horizontal plane is narrow, which is less than 70°usually. To solve this problem, an improved design of the patch ground is introduced. Then an improved patch antenna and its array are designed. The simulated
more » ... results show that the return loss of the improved patch is less than -10dB from 1.88GHz to 2.65GHz, which has a complete coverage of TD-LTE 4G band. And the beamwidth expands to almost 120°at the same time. Though the gain of the patch is only above 5dBi, a 1×4 antenna array can get a gain of 11.85 dBi at the center frequency. Therefore, the proposed array is more profitable for the mobile communication systems.
doi:10.2991/jimet-15.2015.192 fatcat:i54vqurzzbgwlbh6nouq7pi2mq