Information sources of Brazilian undergraduate dental students during the COVID-19 outbreak

Maria Gerusa Brito Aragão, Francisco Isaac Fernandes Gomes, Letícia Pinho Maia Paixão de Melo, Camila Siqueira Silva Coelho, Silmara Aaparecida Milori Corona
2021 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences  
Aim: This cross-sectional study aimed to investigate where Brazilian dental students seek information about COVID-19 by a self-administered web-based questionnaire. Methods: A social network campaign on Instagram was raised to approach the target population. The dental students responded to a multiple-response question asking where or with whom they get information about COVID-19. The possible answers were government official websites or health and education institutions websites, TV Programs,
more » ... rofessors, social media, scientific articles, health professionals, and family members. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, and the frequency distributions of responses were evaluated by gender, age, type of institution, and year of enrollment. Results: A total of 833 valid responses were received. The main source of information used by the dental students were government official websites or health and education institutions websites, which were reported by 739 (88.7%) participants. In the sequence, 477 (57.3%) participants chose health professionals while 468 (56.2%) chose scientific articles as information sources. The use of social media was reported by 451 (54.1%) students, while TV programs were information sources used by 332 (39.9%) students. The least used information sources were professors, reported by 317 (38.1%) students, and family members, chosen only by 65 (7.8%) participants. Conclusion: Brazilian dental students rely on multiple information sources to stay informed about COVID-19, mainly focusing their information-seeking behavior on governmental and health professional's websites.
doi:10.20396/bjos.v20i00.8663961 fatcat:y7laqi5zqramph4efctj3z4rs4