Active reconstruction of the spiritual world [post]

ruiyu zhu
2020 unpublished
The spiritual world is constrained passively by primitive urges. Similar to an uncultivated wasteland, it will necessarily breed messy plants. Most of the time we are imprisoned by the social environment, a narrow understanding of ourselves, and our own desires. This makes it difficult for life itself to truly shine and enjoy authentic vitality. People are the foundation of society. The fact that individuals are unable to rebuild the spiritual world makes it difficult for human society to
more » ... an society to achieve true growth. It is difficult for people to obtain real happiness and it is difficult for the rulers to achieve their long-cherished wishes. This article first presents an argument for why reconstruction is needed, accompanied by a proposal that faith is the basis for reconstruction. Additionally, I propose the concept of the Objective Belief of Nature. The crucial component of this belief is the need to pay less attention to ourselves and use love together with the laws of nature to promote the beautiful development of society. The purpose is to make people truly love themselves, so that they may enjoy vitality in their lives and achieve happiness (in the passive sense of happiness). Similarly, society has vitality because of the blossoming of everyone's life. Likewise, a society filled with vitality further promotes the blooming of everyone's life. Such a belief provides ideological and theoretical support for humankind's further development. The Objective Belief of Nature mainly emphasizes a belief; it does not reject or privilege any given form.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:bmwmdlmr2nd6dbsayi3phqpjwu