Presto: an experimental architecture for fluid interactive document spaces

Paul Dourish, W. Keith Edwards, Anthony LaMarca, Michael Salisbury
1999 ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction  
Traditional document systems use hierarchical filing structures as the basis for organising, storing and retrieving documents. However, this structure is very limited in comparison with the rich and varied forms of document interaction and category management in everyday document use. Presto is a prototype document management system providing rich interaction with documents through meaningful, user-level document attributes, such as "Word file", "published paper", "shared with Jim", "about
more » ... o" or "currently in progress". Document attributes capture the multiple different roles that a single document might play, and allow users to rapidly reorganise their document space for the task at hand. They provide a basis for novel document systems design and new approaches to document management and interaction. In this article, we outline the motivations behind this approach, describe the principal components of our implementation, discuss architectural consequences, and show how these support new forms of interaction with large personal document spaces.
doi:10.1145/319091.319099 fatcat:gvzf22m4zzeq5j4qex3oyjg7f4