A Volume-Imaging Radar Wind Profiler for Atmospheric Boundary Layer Turbulence Studies

James B. Mead, Geoffrey Hopcraft, Stephen J. Frasier, Brian D. Pollard, Christopher D. Cherry, Daniel H. Schaubert, Robert E. McIntosh
1998 Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology  
This paper describes the turbulent eddy profiler (TEP), a volume-imaging, UHF radar wind profiler designed for clear-air measurements in the atmospheric boundary layer on scales comparable to grid cell sizes of large eddy simulation models. TEP employs a large array of antennas-each feeding an independent receiver-to simultaneously generate multiple beams within a 28Њ conical volume illuminated by the transmitter. Range gating provides 30-m spatial resolution in the vertical dimension. Each
more » ... dimension. Each volume image is updated every 2-10 s, and long datasets can be gathered to study the evolution of turbulent structure over several hours. A summary of the principles of operation and the design of TEP is provided, including examples of clear-air reflectivity and velocity images.
doi:10.1175/1520-0426(1998)015<0849:avirwp>2.0.co;2 fatcat:ugqmmgqq75euro43bufv4kpdtu