A Decision-Making Tool for Algorithm Selection Based on a Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach to Solve Replenishment, Production and Distribution Planning Problems

Eduardo Guzman, Beatriz Andres, Raul Poler
2022 Mathematics  
A wide variety of methods and techniques with multiple characteristics are used in solving replenishment, production and distribution planning problems. Selecting a solution method (either a solver or an algorithm) when attempting to solve an optimization problem involves considerable difficulty. Identifying the best solution method among the many available ones is a complex activity that depends partly on human experts or a random trial-and-error procedure. This paper addresses the challenge
more » ... recommending a solution method for replenishment, production and distribution planning problems by proposing a decision-making tool for algorithm selection based on the fuzzy TOPSIS approach. This approach considers a collection of the different most commonly used solution methods in the literature, including distinct types of algorithms and solvers. To evaluate a solution method, 13 criteria were defined that all address several important dimensions when solving a planning problem, such as the computational difficulty, scheduling knowledge, mathematical knowledge, algorithm knowledge, mathematical modeling software knowledge and expected computational performance of the solution methods. An illustrative example is provided to demonstrate how planners apply the approach to select a solution method. A sensitivity analysis is also performed to examine the effect of decision maker biases on criteria ratings and how it may affect the final selection. The outcome of the approach provides planners with an effective and systematic decision support tool to follow the process of selecting a solution method.
doi:10.3390/math10091544 fatcat:52qkeanyrjae5awysfb7o644jq