Stemming Process for Automatic Generation of Domain Module From E-Textbooks

Dhivya, Kalaiarasi, B Maheswari
2017 International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology © 2017 IJSRCSEIT   unpublished
To be effective, TSLSs (Technology-Supported Learning Systems) require an appropriate Domain Module.The Domain Module is considered the core of any TSLSs as it represents the knowledge about a subject matter be communicated to the learner.Building the Domain Module is a hard task which entails not only selecting the domain topics to be learned, but also defining the pedagogical relationships among the topics that determine how to plan the learning sessions. Textbook authors deal with similar
more » ... eal with similar problems while writing their documents, which are structured to facilitate comprehension and learning. Electronic textbooks might be used as the source to build the Domain Module, reproducing how average teachers behave while preparing their subjects: they choose a set of reference books that provide the main didactic resources (DRs) definitions, examples, exercises for the subject, and rely on them for scheduling their lectures. Artificial intelligence techniques provide the means for the semiautomatic construction of the Domain Modules from electronic textbooks which may significantly contribute to reduce the development cost of the Domain Modules. DOM-Sortze is a framework for the semiautomatic generation of the Domain Module from electronic textbooks. DOM-Sortze aims to be domain independent, so no domain specific knowledge is used except the processed electronic textbook and the knowledge gathered from it.