Sea-quark flavor content of octet baryons and intrinsic five-quark Fock states

C. S. An, B. Saghai
2012 Physical Review C  
Sea quark contents of the octet baryons are investigated by employing an extended chiral constituent quark approach, which embodies higher Fock five-quark components in the baryons wave-functions. The well-known flavor asymmetry of the nucleon sea d̅-u̅, is used as input to predict the probabilities of u̅, d̅ and s̅ in the nucleon, Λ, Σ and Ξ baryons, due to the intrinsic five-quark components in the baryons wave functions.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.85.055203 fatcat:3tkqwqoanreibpyh3xqlbx5bum