Thick-target inverse kinematic method in order to investigate alpha-clustering in212Po

Maria Grazia Pellegriti, Agatino Musumarra, Enrico De Filippo, Marzio De Napoli, Alessia Di Pietro, Pierpaolo Figuera, Maria Fisichella, Concettina Maiolino, Danilo Rifuggiato, Domenico Santonocito, Valentina Scuderi, Emanuele Strano (+3 others)
2019 EPJ Web of Conferences  
The inverse-kinematic thick-target method has been used in order to investigate 212Po alpha-structure by the elastic scattering of 208Pb on 4He target. A 208Pb beam, accelerated by the Superconducting Cyclotron (CS) of Laboratori Nazionali del Sud - INFN, at the incident energy of 10.1 A MeV was impinging onto a specifically designed 4He gas cell, two meter long. The gas cell wasacting both as target and as beam degrader, stopping the beam before reaching the alpha-particle detection system
more » ... etection system placed at 0° with respect to the beam axis. In order to disentangle the elastic contribution from other reaction channels (e.g. inelastic scattering) a microchannel plate was used to measure the Time of Flight(ToF) of both the 208Pb beam particles and the ejectiles along the gas cell. The 208Pbstopping power in the 4He gas target was also measured, as a key ingredient in order to establish theinteraction point inside the gas cell, in turn determining the solid angle covered by the detector. In the following, the experimental technique will be described, and the results of a preliminary data analysis will be shown.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201922301049 fatcat:cwfofau4hffzrnl5ytxw2cneiq