Service Discovery in Mobile Ad-Hoc Environments: A Solution Space Analysis

Murimo Bethel Mutanga
2020 International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research  
The rapid and pervasive growth of Cloud computing and SOA has given rise to a lot of other remarkable offshoots. One interesting feature of this trend has been the emergence of the Ad-hoc Mobile Cloud (AMC) paradigm. Ad-hoc Mobile Cloud allows users to collaborate and share web services in a platform that enables mobile devices to play the role of service providers. This peculiar functional architecture that relies on resource-limited devices to host and perform discovery operations introduces
more » ... nother dimension to the service discovery challenge in conventional mobile environments. The conventional Cloud and Mobile Cloud environments leverage on the limitless cloud storage and computing power, therefore, techniques designed for such environments are generally resource-unaware. Consequently, the traditional service discovery mechanisms designed for Cloud computing cannot be adopted into AMC. In this review, we present an analysis of how service discovery solutions in Ad-hoc Mobile Cloud have adapted to meet the unique challenges of this resource-constrained environment. We classified, at a generic level, the solution space of the current service discovery techniques in Ad-hoc mobile cloud, and the identify opportunities for advancing research in the domain.
doi:10.30534/ijeter/2020/128872020 fatcat:o6h7qkyajnghbip2agrpivksf4