Hydrodynamic characteristics of X-Twisted rudder for large container carriers

Kyoungsoo Ahn, Gil-Hwan Choi, Dong-Igk Son, Key-Pyo Rhee
2012 International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering  
This paper shows the numerical and experimental results about the hydrodynamic characteristics of X-Twisted rudders having continuous twist of the leading edge along the span. All the results were compared with those of the semi-balanced rudder. Calculation through the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Equation (RANSE) code with propeller sliding meshes shows large inflow angle and fast inflow velocity in the vicinity of ±0.7 R from the shaft center, so it may cause cavitation. Also, X-Twisted
more » ... der has relatively small inflow angles along the rudder span compared with semi-balanced rudder. For the performance validation, rudders for two large container carriers were designed and tested. Cavitation tests at the medium sized cavitation tunnel with respect to the rudder types and twisted angles showed the effectiveness of twist on cavitation and the tendency according to the twist. And the resistance, self-propulsion and manoeuvring tests were also carried out at the towing tank. As a result, in the case of X-Twisted rudder, ship speed was improved with good manoeuvring performance. Especially, it was found out that manoeuvring performance between port and starboard was well balanced compared with semi-balanced rudders.
doi:10.2478/ijnaoe-2013-0100 fatcat:jmdbvm2yqne2bbv2egnuee2zfq