Some notes on the possibility of an Islamic economy a case study

2005 Milletleraras  
This artiele is composed of a short discussion on the possibility of an lslamic Economy. In do ing so, it addresses not only conceptual/theoretical aspects (on the base of Weberian Protestant Ethic thesis) related to this field but also its socio-economic historical dimensions that contrasts with the incompatibility thesis referring to the radical changes experienced with the end of colonization period in Islamic countries (and Asiatic non-Western ones as well) as well as slow changes appearing
more » ... simultaneously in the nature of the so-called lslamic Economy. In this context, some data about MüsİAD is specifically be depended on. In conelusion, in contrast to the conventional understanding, the study shows that the idea of an lslamic Economy -in its compatibility with modern conditions and system s-has a base to e1aim for not only in theory but alsa in reality.
doi:10.1501/0002575 fatcat:ymbd4xuazvbplo3comwgnozvmq