Особливості Лекторської Майстерності У Педагогічній Діяльності Д. І. Каченовського

А. В. Троцко, О. А. Міщенко
2017 Zenodo  
The article analyzes the teaching aspect of lecturing skills of outstanding lecturer of international law 19th century at Kharkiv University D. Kachinovsky, an attempt to allocate the path of formation and implementation of the teaching competence of the lecturer. A retrospective analysis of the conditions for the formation of D. Kachenovsky's oratorical abilities in children's, gymnasium and student years and also in preparation for the professorship (level of erudition and culture, scientific
more » ... culture, scientific work, foreign business trips, publications, personal qualities, acquaintance with advanced scientists etc). Distinguished features of the lecture skills of D. Kachenovsky realized in his pedagogical activity, namely: the characteristics of style, pronunciation, the presence of speech effects, gestures. The professor's attitude to social phenomena and his reflection in lecture courses; discipline and attitude of the professor to teaching; work on improving lectures and speeches; the saturation of the content of lectures with literary, artistic and musical preferences, their use to illustrate social processes and historical phenomena of different countries; correctness and character of communication with students, etc.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1115984 fatcat:zqixoz4jbzeunjtepswnktisbq