Teori Kebenaran Pancasila sebagai Dasar Pengembangan Ilmu

Budisutrisna Budisutrisna
2017 Jurnal Filsafat  
Science, by its method, wants to get truth. Science is a human creation; the truth does not only to fulfill correspondence-coherence criteria of truth, induction-deduction, and empirical-rational thought. The truth and science developing in Indonesia also must be back to mankind, Indonesian identity. Pancasila theory of truth consists of correspondence, coherence, and pragmatic that all of those are complemented simultaneously in scientific work. The developing of science in Indonesia must be
more » ... Indonesia must be based on Pancasila values. For Pancasila, the scientific truth must coherent to god, humanity, one, people, and justice values.
doi:10.22146/jf.23216 doaj:10dcbbcf4ff24359a0cfddbe376bcc52 fatcat:43tctfxzo5eezk27bslyno5p6m