Leukemic conversion in case of Burkitt's lymphoma from non-endemic region

Chandra H, Chandra S, Gupta V, Shrivastav V
2018 Blood Heart and Circulation  
Burkitt's lymphoma is rare neoplasm which may be either be endemic involving mandible and maxilla or sporadic presenting with abdominal lump. The leukemic conversion of Burkitt's lymphoma without any tumour mass is considered to be unusual and that too in immunocompetent patient. The present case is therefore being reported due to its unusual presentation with absence of any abdominal or facial mass but with only bone marrow involvement in non-endemic region. The case also highlights an
more » ... ghlights an important feature of leukemic conversion of Burkitt's lymphoma in immunocompetent patient which is rarely reported in literature.
doi:10.15761/bhc.1000141 fatcat:dsmbitzayzc7nlj5wmunvx4vfq