Review – Ciarletta et al [post]

Eli D Lazarus
2020 unpublished
REVIEW -esurf-2020-88 (Ciarletta et al.) This work by Ciarletta & colleagues is an engaging and well-written exploration of cross-shore barrier dynamics in a deliberately simplified numerical model. The authors are clear about what the model does and does not explicitly address, and that it serves a tool for first-order quantitative insight into transitions between barrier states and behaviors otherwise framed in conceptual terms. The differentiated regime space indicates the rich dynamics that
more » ... the model is capable of simulating, and the authors are careful to keep one foot in the real world by constraining the fundamental parameters C1 ESurfD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper of the model with empirical rates. My comments are minor, but I hope offer some helpful suggestions:
doi:10.5194/esurf-2020-88-rc1 fatcat:zmlzrnvulvabxcafpec7hsxg2e