Technological estimation grain of wheat and tritikale is for groats production

Osokina N.M., Kostetska K.V.
2015 Вісник Уманського національного університету садівництва  
Article is devoted the technological estimation of grain of wheat furious soft of sorts of Trizo and Midas, winter soft a sort Light-blue, and also tritikale of furious sort of Avatar for the production of groats. Experimental part of work is executed during 2013–2014 in the conditions of laboratory of department of technology of storage and processing of grain, educational-scientifically production departments of the Uman national university of gardening and farm of «Prolisok+» in Graniv
more » ... e Gaysin district Vinnytsya regiron. With exactness and logical sequence in obedience to methods which are described in standards, the analyses of grain and groats were executed. Geometrical description of grain determines the closeness of him at forming of layer and feature of moving of grain during transporting. After middle the values of linear sizes of grain of wheat, tritikale and to the barley of sorts which studied, the values of volume, area and spherical determined, that play an important role in the processes of moistening, heating and cooling. Quality of the prepared products directly depends on quality of raw material. The leadthrough of research from quality of grain rotined that a smell and taste have standards incident to the cultures. Technological properties of grain are an aggregate of signs and indexes of his quality, which characterize consisting grain of technological processes of processing and influence on an output and quality of groats. At the estimation of culinary properties of groats determined the coefficient of boiling soft, duration of cooking, color, taste, smell, consistency. Technological properties of grain of wheat and tritikale high enough. Disparity of content of trash admixture the norms of quality of grain testifies to his uncareful cleaning. Groats from grain of cultures which studied, good and excellent value with typical for groats «Poltavska» by taste and pleasant, inherent smell, without extraneous tastes and smells. Consistency, taste and color of porridge, influenced on the de [...]
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