Improving QoS in Spontaneous Ad hoc Neworks

Gayathri Pradeep, Anna Prathiba Shobak, Student
Now a days the use of mobile devices and wireless networks are increasing day by day, the wireless ad hoc network has now become one of the field of active research. A spontaneous ad hoc network is a network that consist of number of mobile terminals which are in a short range and communicate each other for sharing services, resources etc. Quality of service (QoS) refers to the level of quality of service. In the proposed system a node can join a network and use the services of other nodes in
more » ... of other nodes in the network. There may be many nodes that provide the same service. To get a quality service the nodes which need service seek guidance from other nodes that have used service from a particular node. Based on the information provided a trust value is calculated for each node. Based on the trust values the node decides from which node service should be taken.