Performance evaluation of SPRINT, a single photon ring tomography for brain imaging

W L Rogers, N H Clinthorne, J Stamos, K F Koral, R Mayans, G F Knoll, J Juni, J W Keyes, B A Harkness
1984 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
SPRINT, a prototype single photon tomograph, has been designed primarily for high-resolution brain imaging in humans with I-123-labeled compounds such as iodoamphetamine, hydroxyiodopropyldiamine (HIPDM), and iodobenzene (IBZ). SPRINT uses a ring of stationary, discrete Nal detectors, and fan-beam sampling is accomplished with a rotating eight-slit aperture ring that acquires a complete projection set in 1/8 revolution. In-plane and cross-plane resolutions are 8mm and 10mm FWHM, respectively,
more » ... asured on axis. Sensitivity with an 18% energy window is 1000 cprs per microCi/cc for Tc-99m in a 20 cm diameter phantom. A detailed evaluation of system performance has been completed, and preliminary human brain blood flow images have been obtained using HIPDM.
pmid:6332182 fatcat:xk2rfbkzgfe2vhtowljbtzauvu