A Phase Separation Inlet for Droplets, Ice Residuals, and Interstitial Aerosols [post]

Libby Koolik, Michael Roesch, Lesly J. Franco Deloya, Chuanyang Shen, A. Gannet Hallar, Ian B. McCubbin, Daniel J. Cziczo
2020 unpublished
<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> A new inlet for studying the aerosols and hydrometeor residuals that compose mixed-phase clouds – the phaSe seParation Inlet for Droplets icE residuals and inteRstitial aerosols (SPIDER) – is described here. SPIDER combines an omni-directional inlet, a Large-Pumped Counterflow Virtual Impactor (L-PCVI), a flow tube evaporation chamber, and a Pumped Counterflow Virtual Impactor (PCVI) to separate droplets, ice crystals, and
more » ... crystals, and interstitial aerosols for simultaneous sampling. Laboratory verification tests of each individual component and the composite SPIDER system were conducted. SPIDER was deployed to Storm Peak Laboratory (SPL), a mountain-top research facility at 3210 m a.s.l. in the Rocky Mountains, for a three-week field campaign. SPIDER performance as a field instrument is presented with data that demonstrates its capability of separating distinct cloud elements and interstitial aerosol. Possible design improvements of SPIDER are also suggested.</p>
doi:10.5194/amt-2020-42 fatcat:ulvywmkz6ng5xgbh5dp3vcp7vu