The Beam Instruments for HIMM@IMP

Tiecheng Zhao, Yucong Chen, Jinmei Dong, Yongchun Feng, Xincai Kang, Min Li, Shengpeng Li, Weilong Li, Weinian Ma, Ruishi Mao, Haihong Song, K. Song (+7 others)
HIMM(Heavy Ion Medical Machine)is a synchrotron based accelerator for cancer therapy in Wuwei city, China. It is composed of 2 ion sources, LEBT, cyclotron, MEBT, a synchrotron, HEBT and therapy terminals. The commissioning of HIMM is completed .At present, electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility and performance testing of medical devices have been passed, and now enters the clinical tests phase. The beam diagnositics(BD) devices for HIMM are designed and produced by IMP BD department
more » ... IMP BD department .An overview of the integrated devices is presented, and the common beam parameters in the different parts of the accelerator facility are reviewed including intensity measurement, beam profile, emmitance, energy and so on with the related detectors such as the View Screen, Faraday Cup, Radial Detector, Multi-wires, Phase Probe, Wire Scanner, DCCT, ICT, BPM, Schottky, Slit, Beam Stopper, Beam Halo Monitor, Multi-channel Ionization Chamber. Additionally, the RF-KO for beam extraction, the strip foil with automatic control system as well as the detectors for terminal therapy are described.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ibic2018-mopa04 fatcat:qhy6m2udcbefxdy4abmo2xmeyu