Renovation in Compression Expertness of Huffman Coding and Intelligent Data Encryption

Farrukh Fareed, Shiva Chaudhary
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Data compression is used for reducing storage requirements. It involves transforming data of a given format, called source message, to data of a smaller sized format, called compressed message. The Data compression helps in reducing the size of the database so that it is very easy to maintain huge database. On the other hand Type Casting is used to convert the input source message into suitable format so that Huffman Algorithm can work on maximum data formats and after that Data Normalization
more » ... ata Normalization technique is used to remove redundancy from the data this technique enhance the compression efficiency of Huffman Algorithm. Decreasing the amount of data required representing a source of information while preserving the original content as much as possible and after that providing security to this compressed code word with the application of data encryption. The main objectives of this paper are to get higher compression efficiency by applying a planned technique on Huffman Algorithm and providing security to this compressed data to limit the unauthorized access using data encryption.
doi:10.5120/12952-9977 fatcat:sxobe4ezbvcaliyto5f3tabg6m