A Comparative Analysis of the Education Systems in Korea and Japan from the Perspective of Internationalization

2017 European Journal of Contemporary Education  
The object of this study is the characteristics of the development of the present-day national education systems in two leading economies of the Asia-Pacific region (APR), Japan and the Republic of Korea (Korea). Its main purpose is a comparative analysis of the aspect of the state's education policy dealing with enhancing the national markets for educational services by means of internationalization. The study's methodology is founded on the analysis of the logic behind the development of the
more » ... development of the national education systems based on an evolutionary approach that is inclusive of history, culture, demographic policy, the market for educational services, and the idea of integration of education systems. The authors employ classification and comparative analysis. They use as source information open data from the official websites of companies specializing in worldwide university rankings and of institutions dealing with education, culture, sports, and technology in Japan and Korea. Results and discussion. Over the last couple of decades, the development of the education system in Korea has been distinguished by a revolutionary and innovative spirit,
doi:10.13187/ejced.2017.1.77 fatcat:npm42m3g65e6bchx3ivdpi3u4a