Cultural diversity in disaster

Odeda Benin-Goren
Hoken iryou kagaku  
Emergencies and disasters of all kinds create challenges to medical, nursing and other caregivers, especially those who come from other countries and are not familiar with local costumes. Working in uncertain environment, with limited resources, and misunderstanding the affected community, may influence the efficiency of the interaction between the providers and the local community. Many times, it may not be related to professional knowledge or skills (such as being qualified nurse or
more » ... ) but to wrong interpretation of the local culture. In order to avoid misunderstanding, it is the caregiver responsibility to come over the gaps between diverse cultures. This can be achieved only if teams are ready in advance to deal with diverse cultures. It should be an inherent part of our basic training as caregiver and to be taught during every day work. Only then, we could keep an open mind and fulfil our mission with sensitivity to other people culture and behavior.
doi:10.20683/jniph.68.4_329 fatcat:w3ol3fxppjeofmfwsatrcmrwau