J Rakesh
2017   unpublished
Everybody accuses governments for one thing or the other, but what is government is nothing but by the people, for the people and of the people. This concept has to be understood by one before demanding the governments. No doubt each and every government tries to implement one or the other new scheme for its people, but the key is the success of the implemented scheme for the intended people. There are numerous schemes and facilities that are being offered by Government, Banks and other
more » ... tions for the welfare of the poor and needy. For this noble purpose a large amount of money is spent .But unfortunately these schemes are either not reaching them or being misused. The present paper tries to identity the problems and suggests measures to reduce these problems and improve the present condition, with the active aid of Technology. Introduction: The Present Paper tries to identity the problems and suggests measures to reduce these problems and thus enabling Financial Inclusions. A Layered approach is followed to identify the key issues, to address them. Each village is considered to be a set of different layers. Each layer is having its own significance and importance of these layers is analyzed here. Technology plays a key role in integrating the layers. With the advancements, technology can address almost any issue. The Present Paper attempts to show the beauty of this technology. The Technologies like databases, computer networks, spatial analysis, Internet, Mobile Technology etc are considered.