Ballooning spiders (Araneae) over the forest island in an agricultural landscape of Wielkopolska

Maria Oleszczuk, Jerzy Karg
2012 Fragmenta Faunistica  
The paper presents the data on ballooning spiders' number and taxonomic composition caught on the height o f 46 m above the ground in a mosaic agricultural landscape. The samples were collected from April to October 2009. The trap was placed on the meteorological tower over the midfield forest island in the village o f Turew, Wielkopolska region in western Poland. 60 spider specimens were collected, represented by six families and seven species. The Linyphiidae was the most abundant. Juvenile
more » ... bundant. Juvenile specimens constituted 78 % o f all recorded specimens. However, adult and quite large in body size Anyphaena accentuata and Philodromus praedatus were also recorded. Seasonal dispersion o f families and species is discussed.
doi:10.3161/00159301ff2012.55.1.019 fatcat:zeyzbazc2zepzfp2cfgmlne5ea