Hydrogel–colloid interfacial interactions: a study of tailored adhesion using optical tweezers

Amir Sheikhi, Reghan J. Hill
2016 Soft Matter  
The dynamic storage and loss moduli of the pre-gel solutions during gelation are reported from small amplitude oscillatory shear (SAOS) using an ARES-G2 rheometer (TA Instruments). The pre-gel solution with catalyst (APS) was nitrogen purged, and immediately following the addition of initiator (TEMED) an aliquot of the liquid was placed on a 4 cm diameter rheometer plate, forming an ≈ 1 mm thick sample. Silicone oil gently deposited around the periphery was used to minimize solvent evaporation.
more » ... The storage and loss moduli time series (at an angular frequency ω = 10 rad s −1 where the shear modulus is frequency independent) are shown in figure S1. To acquire the steady moduli, a function
doi:10.1039/c6sm00903d pmid:27425660 fatcat:5f43llz5zvae3cmhulrv64kyaq