A Study of Image Compression Based Transmission Algorithm Using Spiht for Low Bit Rate Application

Ritu Chourasiya
2012 Advanced Computing An International Journal  
Image compression is internationally recognized up to the minute tools for decrease the communication bandwidth and save the transmitting power. It should reproduce a good quality image after compressed at low bit rates. Set partitioning in hierarchical trees (SPIHT) is wavelet based computationally very fast and among the best image compression based transmission algorithm that offers good compression ratios, fast execution time and good image quality. Precise Rate Control (PRC) is the
more » ... PRC) is the distinct characteristic of SPIHT. Image compression-based on Precise Rate Control and fast coding time are principally analyzed in this paper. Experimental result shows that, in the case of low bit-rate, the modified algorithm with fast Coding Time and Precise Rate Control can reduce the execution time and improves the quality of reconstructed image in both PSNR and perceptual when compare to at the same low bit rate. KEYWORDS Wavelet analysis, image compression, SPIHT algorithm, Precise Rate Control (PRC). It is clear that traditional image compression techniques like JPEG and MPEG produce 48 annoying visual degradation when operating at low bit rates because they introduce errors in visually important parts of the image structure and also introduces the 'blocking artifacts' in the reproduced images [1][2] [3] .Since compressed images are to be transmitted over the data communication network or a wireless network, where the bandwidth of the link cannot be guaranteed. Therefore the rate scalable image compression methods are appealing for low bit rate applications, as the application of battery based devices is increasing rapidly in image capturing, storing and transmission over web based networks. There is a need of efficient image compression method that must be suitable for the data communication networks. On the same hand, compression method should be suitable for the devices having limited battery life and on board memory. The main objective of this paper is to propose an image compression and transmission algorithm which is suitable for low bit rate applications over Internet or any other [6][7]wireless network.
doi:10.5121/acij.2012.3606 fatcat:ab7wbbylxvg4no53gbth5jcsby