Electrochemical Reduction Potential Correlation of some Insect Antifeedant Potent 2-Phenothiazinyl Chalcones

K. Ranganathan, R. Suresh, D. Kamalakkannan, R. Arulkumaran, R. Sundararajan, S.P. Sakthinathan, S. Vijayakumar, Ganesan Vanangamudi, K. Thirumurthy, P. Mayavel, Ganesamoorthy Thirunarayanan
2013 International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy  
A series containing twelve substituted styryl 2-phenothiazenyl ketones have been synthesized. The electrochemical potentials of carbonyl and vinyl groups were measured. These potentials are correlated with Hammett substituent constants, F and R parameters. From the results of statistical analyses, the effects of substituent on the group reduction potentials have been discussed. The insect antifeedant activities of these chalcones have been studied using 4th instar larvae Achoea Janata L with
more » ... ea Janata L with castor leaf discs.
doi:10.18052/www.scipress.com/ilcpa.4.66 fatcat:gcvxaqmyhfecjldgw3c65u5meu