Electrically Modifiable Nonvolatile SONOS Synapses for Electronic Neural Networks [report]

Marvin H. White, Chun-Yu M. Chen, Margaret French, Amit Banerjee
1992 unpublished
Ao oas For Bethlehem, PA 18015 -INS G&W unc U&d C1 ! Di.-,t rlmtI Ion/ DTIC QIJI, ITY IVSPE )C' e iAv-t Iabiity Codes Dt-t ipecial Abstract This research addresses the implementation of an electronic element, which emulates the biological synaptic interconnection, in an artificial electronic neural system. The basic interconnection, or the weight, consists of an electrically reprogrammable, nonvolatile, analog conductance which programs at 5V levels. In addition, the fabrication technology for
more » ... ion technology for this synaptic interconnection is compatible with existing CMOS VLSI processes. The attractive features of this synaptic weight will be discussed in this report. Furthermore, this report examines the material needs, the. device structures, the use of the synaptic weights in a two-tap weight linear adaptive neural-like circuit and the issue of integrating both the synaptic weight elements and the peripheral circuit onto a single silicon wafer.
doi:10.21236/ada258318 fatcat:cijlcgu5nvdjhnnbpkzcl7cpc4